Benefits of Using the Whizzinator Kit

A whizzinator is a commercial kit that assembles the male urinary system installed with fake urine. The kit is commonly used for sexual stimulation but some people have gone to the extent of using the product during drug test. The product is made of plastic and has an external bladder filled with either clean urine or synthetic urine usually obtained from volunteers. Whizzinators are common among many women as it they are used to provide wet stimulation during sex. It comes as a package containing including syringes and heater packs that are supposed to keep the urine at body temperatures. At times you may purchase it together with urine or you may decide to make your own synthetic urine.

The whizzinator touch is the latest type of whizzinator that is available in the market. It is called the touch since you have to squeeze the head of the fake male genital organ to release the urine since it has a special type of valve that controls the flow of urine. The valve operates using the pressure principle where the pressure that the urine is being released is dependent with the force that you had applied when you squeezed the kit. The switch is located in the bottom to control accidental spillages. The main trigger for the urination is located inside the head of the fake urine.

The difference between the original whizzinator and the current one present in the market is the special valve that controls how the pressure at which the urine is being released. The current whizzinator looks more natural when compared to previous whizzinators since it gives you the natural look that you want to portray. When using the whizzinator ensure to always turn on the safety switch to control the flow of urine from the vinyl pouch. The latest version has all the components that will allow you to imitate the urination process more naturally.

When you are buying the package, you are expected to find the following. The whizzinator I that is made up of a plastic male genital organ attached together with a vinyl pouch that has strips that control temperature. You bare supposed to get synthetic urine but this optional. The most vital component is the syringe which is used to fill the urine in the vinyl pouch. The package is accompanied with heating pads which are supposed to heat the fluid to body temperatures. Lastly is the instruction manual which guides on the effective ways to use the kit. The product is certified to be used for emergency cases but very crucial when it comes to drug tests.